Junction 48



Kareem leads an aimless life between odd jobs and hanging out with his buddies
in a crime-ridden Arab ghetto of the mixed city of Lyd. A family tragedy brings
him closer to his singer girlfriend, Manar, and motivates him to do something
more with his life. When Kareem and his group finally get a chance to perform
in a Tel Aviv hip-hop club, the star potential of the 'first Arab rapper' is
quickly noticed. Although he raps "I'm not political," Kareem and the group use
music to express their tough life as Palestinian youth. But the road to success
is never easy... Kareem and his group must face violent nationalistic Jewish rappers,
government-imposed gentrification and troubled drug-dealing friends. When Manar's
family threatens to harm them if she performs publicly with him, the time comes for
Kareem to either surrender to conservative tradition or stand up for the woman he loves,
the artist he respects...



SPECIAL Q&A'S WITH THE DIRECTOR Udi Aloni, Stars Tamer Nafar, & Samar Qupty ON FRIDAY (3/3/17), & SATURDAY (3/4/17)!

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Q&A after 7:55 pm SHOW with  

DIRECTOR Udi Aloni, Tamer Nafar, & Samar Qupty