FRIDAY (4/28/17), SATURDAY (4/29/17), & SUNDAY (4/23/30)!

Friday, April 28th
After  6:50pm  show
With filmmaker DAVID BEZMOZGIS & The Paris Review's LORIN STEIN
(with special appearances by the film's stars ALEX OZEROV & SASHA K. GORDON)
Saturday, April 29th
After  4:20pm show  
with filmmaker DAVID BEZMOZGIS, actress SASHA K. GORDON  & actress  AYA-TATYANA STOLNITS
After 6:50pm show  
with filmmaker  DAVID BEZMOZGIS & actress  SASHA K GORDON
Sunday, April 30th
After  1:50pm &  4:20pm  shows  
with filmmaker DAVID BEZMOZGIS & actress SASHA K GORDON


Acclaimed author and filmmaker David Bezmozgis brings his best-selling book to the screen in Natasha. 16-year old Mark (Alex Ozerov) is the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants living in the suburbs north of Toronto. When his uncle enters into an arranged marriage with a woman from Moscow, the woman arrives in Canada with her 14-year old daughter, Natasha (Sasha K. Gordon). Mark, a slacker, is conscripted by his parents  to take responsibility for the strange girl. He learns that, in Moscow, she'd led a troubled and promiscuous life. A secret and forbidden romance begins between the two of them that has bizarre and tragic consequences for everyone involved.  "Natasha" is adapted from "Natasha and Other Stories," the best-selling collection of short stories by David Bezmozgis, which was named a New York Times Notable Book and has been translated into 15 languages

Sasha K. Gordon
Alex Ozerov
Aidan Shipley
Lola Tash
David Bezmozgis